About us

Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK was established in 2001 with the support of Italian organization COSPE with the aim of providing support to economic development in Herzegovina.


It allies private entrepreneurs, so as the other citizens who intend to start or improve their business. Since its founding, the LiNK association has grown into the largest association of entrepreneurs in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, with 140 companies from various business sectors.

The Association operates on the following principles:
– Democratic organization,
– Representation of all affiliated companies,
– Voluntary membership.

LiNK Association relies on the Regional Business Center – a Service Center that provides business-consulting services. Internal organization, technical and human resources are tailored to the demands of rapid and dynamic development, with constant care to preserve and improve the quality of implemented projects and services. A direct network and connection with entrepreneurs and businesses developed the need for representation and advocacy of the interests of the economy, as well as the more active participation in the creation of public policies for the better business environment.

Through its work, LiNK has a direct influence on the adoption and creation of public policies, both individually and through membership in various networks. This is reflected in the appointments at LiNK by the competent government levels.. LiNK is:
• one of the holders of small business development (The HNC Law on Incentives to Small Business Development);
• Member of the Development Strategy Preparation Committee of HNC;
• Member of the Development Strategy Committee of the City of Mostar;
• Coordinator of the Competitiveness and Development Council of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (decision of the Government of HNC);
• Member of the Economic and Social Council of HNC (decision of the Government of HNC);
• Member of the Business Council for Education (established by the U.S. Embassy in BiH).


LiNK has membership in the following networks:
• The Network for Local Economic Development of BiH – LEDnet,
• BiH Incubators Network,
• The regional credit-guarantee fund,
• MRR BiH – Network for Rural Development BiH,
• SeeNet Network,
• Network NGO,
• Network Agreement Plus.

The LiNK Association has developed an institutional framework and introduced into practice the application of the international standard EN ISO 9001: 2015, which through its various tools prefers continuous improvements in the business operations of organizations.

Based on long-term cooperation with experts from different fields, the Association has formed Think Tank – a database of associates that through their professional services support the work of LiNK and help in the implementation of planned activities.

During its long-term operation, the Association has built a uniqueness of approach, based on experience, professionalism, responsibility, and commitment, guided by a simple motto:

“Nothing happens by itself.  Success does not come from wishes. It answers only to definite plans, supported by the rage of desire through constant persistence and activity”.