Business Plan And Investment Project

Consulting services: development of business plans and investment projects

Not sure how to create a business plan? Does it seem too demanding and complicated? Do not risk the failure of the investment or the refusal of the credit application. Contact our experts who have much experience in developing business plans. LiNK’s employees have created over 400 business plans through its long-term operation.

The business plan is the first step on the way to entering the world of entrepreneurship. It is the basic document in which an entrepreneur displays business ideas and analyzes the opportunities for achieving success through a detailed assessment of market and financial development.

One of the most common requirements for obtaining credit is a quality business plan or investment project. In practice, the term “business plan” is usually used in small business ventures, while the term “investment project” is used in larger business ventures.

We offer:
– Supporting the development of the business plan/investment project (instructions, preparation of forms and assistance in the development of certain parts where the need arises),
– Creation of an entire business plan by our staff, which includes the support of external associates, experts from different fields (finance, law, information technology, etc.) and performing all necessary market analyzes.

The business plan converts hot ideas into figures, thus reducing the risk of investment and giving a clear answer: “To start up a business or not?”. It is crucial to create detailed and realistic a business plan to eliminate possible deficiencies.
Good business ideas will always find investors.